Out of India in Washington DC was born out of a larger desire to provide information to change the existing stereotype of India as an ancient culture: a  nation of poverty and squalor and the United States of America as a nation of drugs, sex, guns and violence. 
Out of India is a bridge to friendship between cultures that influence and are influenced by India.

Some of the broad objectives that have helped design and shape this initiate are detailed here:

*   To present and promote India, its rich heritage and opportunities to the people of America while helping Indians in the USA stay connected with their heritage and culture.

*   To help build a closer and connected community of Indians, out of India.

*   To have a forum to present the achievements and contributions of persons of Indian origin here in the USA.

*   To present and share research on things Indian  by universities, institutions or any person, anywhere in the world, irrespective of nationality.

*   To provide a space for individuals to participate in discussion of things Indian.

*   To address issues and needs of special segments.

  • A growing population of elderly Indians.
  • Indo US youth: second and third generation.
  • Indian women in the USA
  • Indians with foreign spouses and their children.
  • Foreign nationals who have adopted Indian children.
  • Persons who are engaged in trade/business with India.

*   To provide information on emerging business and trade opportunities with India.

*   To provide a space for persons of other nationalities who have had an association with India to stay connected. For eg. Persons who have worked in India in the Diplomatic or Foreign Service, with  muti-national companies or  the Peace Corps etc.

*   To help shift the traditional concept of India only as an ancient culture  and to present the dynamic modern India, with its phenomenal potential for growth and opportunities for trade.

*   To provide information on India and happenings that are relevant to Indians living abroad.

*   To create a resource of information relating to travel and provide technologies that will facilitate business and trade with India.

*   To provide an opportunity for individuals to use the information as a springboard for individual pursuits and commerce.

*   To help develop and foster a true friendship, appreciation and understanding between the people of two great cultures: India and The United States of America.

(Our goal is to expand and extend this concept to other cultures in phase II.)

Based  in India and the  Washington DC Metro Area USA  is being designed and developed as a comprehensive and contemporary electronic resource and info-guide. 

Designed as an electronic, and eventually abridged a custom  print publication, it will focus on providing information to anyone interested in staying connected with things Indian. 

Out of India  is not designed as the ultimate resource on India, nor is it the last word on all things Indian–rather, it is a resource that will continue as a work in progress as it develops into an exclusive site of information on things Indian. In addition to providing information the site will also have the capability for online commercial transaction of high quality goods and services, online trade fairs and promotion of Indian and world  business ventures.

The comprehensive listing of things Indian will be of interest not just to people from the Indian subcontinent but to anyone who is interested in India-its cultural heritage and the emerging trade and economic opportunities Out of India.

The Out of India core team is made up of professionals and strategic partnerships from around the world, who work in real and virtual offices.

This resource is specially designed for the following groups of people.
A collaborative process of creation and exploration.

The people of  India and its diaspora.

Visitors and foreigners, resident in India.

Visiting Indians and  long term residents abroad.

Second and third generation diaspora

Foreign nationals with Indian spouses.

Foreign nationals who have adopted Indian children.

Foreign nationals  who have lived or worked in India.

Foreign companies and organisations that are considering or presently doing business with India.

Foreign Service Individuals and other Diplomats associated with India.

Research scholars who have an interest in India.

People around the world who have friends in India or of Indian origin.

Indian /Indo American cultural, social and business organisations.

Foreign Universities looking at a year/semester abroad programmes in India.

Indian students looking at  Universities abroad.

NRIs,  PIOs OCIs informations needs.


If you have been left out in these categories please connect with us.