Harriet Vidyasagar

Founder and Managing Editor


The Founders Circle

The Founder's Circle has a long term commitment and partnership in the goals of Out of India. 

A Founder member's main intellectual /apital contribution is what gives  the web-resource the direction and financial momentum that is needed for any publication.

As a group that breathes life into an idea, The Founder's Circle is  deeply involved at the formative stage of the publication and it is expected that their involvement will continue for a period of at least 3-5 years.

The Founder's Circle helps develop and define the mission and ensure that all activities undertaken are congruent with the mission.

The Founder's Circle is consulted on major issues at the formative stage of this e-resource and will strive to ensure that the publication maintains the high standard that it sets itself.

The Founder's Circle members will be given a life time mention in the proposed print publication and will have a permanent nominee on the Editorial Advisory Board who will endeavor to work towards maintaining the vision of the Founders.


The Founder Advertisers Circle 

The Founder Advertisers Circle is the group of Invitee Advertisers who guarantee a minimum of one years advertisement support to the publication and its activities.

Each of the Founder advertisers will receive a permanent discounted rate for advertisements and links to their websites in addition to special member benefits at special events organised by Out of India.

Products and Services advertised on Out of India however, are subject to editorial discretion.

Members of the Founder Advertisers Circle will be invited to form the City Patrons Circle.

City Patrons Circle 

Out of India is reaching out to large corporations in the major metro cities of India who share our mission for preservation and promotion of our environment and culture. To be invited to join the Advertiser: City Patrons Circle: email: editor@outofindia.net

Patron opportunities in the Indian Metro Cities are:

Delhi City Patron
Mumbai City Patron
Kolkata City Patron
Bangalore City Patron
Chennai City Patron
Hyderabad City Patron

Please check back here for updates on Cities.

The Editorial Board

The Editorial Board  comprises professionals from different areas of expertise who have been invited to form the hands-on Team which will be responsible for day to day operations.

Meet the special people behind the scenes: who were here when we started out, ploughed the field, tilled the land and sowed the seeds.

They have made this possible!


For more information please contact:  
2033 Westchester Drive
Silver Spring

Tel: 1-301-649-2240

Email: editor@outofindia.net