SAREE  CONVERSATIONS … in collaboration with VIMOR



1.    MOLKALMURU's Adikegini Exhibition.
Talk with Slide Show

EXHIBIT: Photographs and Textiles Display.
Molkalmuru Design Revival and its impact on livelihood: 

Monday 21st April 2014 
University of Iowa
South Asian Studies Programme: International
In collaboration with www.cartha.org

Academic Lecture at UIOWA_SASP


Presentation and discussion of research material for Book
(Proposed for Spring 2015)


2.    LECTURE DEMO: Unity in Diveristy: Indian Textiles’ Design Connections.
Tracing textile connections across continents.
Demonstration of saree wearing styles
An experiential workshop on draping a saree.



3.    Exhibition:  Sarees tell a Story:

Vimor’s Heritage Saree Collection will include photos of original traditional saree designs (some around 100 years old) and its reproductions in fabric to showcase the forward movement of the craft and its preservation.

Sunday 27th April 2014
India Canada Friendship Circle 

Workshops and Discussions on Livelihood impact in textiles.


4.    "Sarees  Conversations." Digital Stories. 
A community initiative to showcase NRI Women’s Heritage Saree Collections and a discussion with Pavitra to help the owner understand the motifs, the fabric, the region and weaving techniques involved in each saree.



Video Documentation: Digital Stories of the ‘Saree Conversations’.
A collection of individual stories to be shared online. Starting December 2014
This programme will continue as an online exhibit as it will be impossible to connect in person with the nearly 10 million Women of India Worldwide.


5.    "Gossamar of Soul" by Nilimma Devi:
A specially choreographed dance piece to Kabir's poem in Hindi
Sutradhar Institute of Dance & Related Arts Maryland USA.

Dance Choreography: 'Weaving Life" Work in Progress for 2015

Our goal is to put in place a channel to create sustainable and economically viable, livelihood programmes for women weavers in India and to engage with 
 women of India around the world to connect to the artisans back home.

'Saree Conversations' will help individuals look at an affordable option for considering preservation and reproductions of family heirloom/heritage designs: 
Through this interaction it will be possible to create a custom new product like a stole or sarong from an old design and thereby help preserve the craft/skills 
and directly support a handloom weaver
in India

"Power women to empower India"

If women are in the forefront...
Can children be far behind?

Part of the funds raised from this project
will go to support primary education initiatives in India.
get in touch with us
if you are interested in supporting primary education in your village/hometown in India.

Email: women of india at gmail dot com