We are an internet based resource group

Committed to help people worldwide
stay connected with things Indian

Electronic Media
Print Publications
Film and Video
Multimedia Products
Real and Virtual Clubs
Organized Events
Information Resources

We endeavor to

Develop a sense of pride and an understanding of
things Indian
while fostering a friendship and appreciation of all cultures
influenced by and influencing India.

The Out of India Team
is a dynamic yet closely knit group of professionals
who share a common vision,
working from different corners of the world
in real and virtual offices.

We are
Secular  Non-political  Non-aligned

If you would like  to know more call us

In Washington DC at 1-301-649-2240
In India at 91-9323804269

Soft Launch of Out of India .net on 15th August 2001
Letter from the Ambassador of India to the USA.

Harriet Vidyasagar