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You are invited to a talk organised by The India Club of the World Bank Group

Topic: Nurturing Social Entrepreneurship

Date and Time : 2nd June 2003 at 12.30 pm

Venue: World Bank Main Building.
1818 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Washington DC.
Room Number MC- 7W-150.


Mr. P.N.Devarajan, Ex-Group President, Corporate Planning, Reliance Industries Ltd.
Ex- Director, Reserve Bank of India.
Board Member Dr. Reddys Laboratories.


Dr. PND is the Founder of the Centre for Social Initiative and Management (CSIM)

A Business school for social change agents in India.

CSIM is aware that tackling poverty is the long-term goal that requires a multi-pronged approach, CSIM also knows about the power of individuals to make a difference. CSIM doesn't disburse money, it shapes people. Through people CSIM promotes a more creative and lasting solution to global problems like poverty and inequality. CSIM tackles disadvantage by equipping people with the skills needed to transform local communities and national economies.

CSIM supports and trains prospective social entrepreneurs and innovators in social change, to transform their visions into action.

Free event and open to all.
For Non World Bank Group members: Please arrive by 12.15 pm  with a  picture ID to prevent any delays in the issue of IDs at the gate.   You will need a security pass to enter.

P N Devarajan at the World Bank  with Cherian Samuel of the India Club.

Meet Mr P N Devarajan

A man with a mission
To empower social change agents,
spot innovative social change ideas, create learning opportunities to start-up mission-based, structured and impactful social work, encourage citizens to participate in social change.

For help at the venue before 12.20 pm
Call 240-888-8991

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