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My Passage from India
A Filmmaker's Journey from Bombay to Hollywood and Beyond.

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ISBN 0670031631
October 1, 2002
Published by:
Penguin USA



Ismail Merchant is one of Hollywood's premier movie producers with more than forty films and four Oscar nominations to his name. He has worked with director James Ivory on films such as A Room with a View, Howards End, and Remains of the Day. A native of Bombay, Merchant made his first mark on the film world with the 1961 Oscar-nominated short The Creation of Woman. He is also a master chef, skilled photographer, and the author of several other books. (See list below).

But when he's not making these lush, expensive costume dramas, he's making movies in his native India.


In My Passage from India he takes us on a guided tour of how a middle-class Muslim named Noormohamed Abdul Rehman became an internationally acclaimed producer with a string of award-winning films to his credit.

My Passage from India is a fascinating look at the Bombay film industry—called Bollywood—from the 1950s through today, and how Holly- and Bollywood have intersected through Merchant's film career. Merchant amusingly recounts how his passion for movies was born in the streets of Bombay. He details his precocious wanderings from London to New York, where he first encountered his lifetime collaborator, James Ivory, and raised money for his first short film, and ultimately to Hollywood. Merchant lovingly recalls the circumstances of the movies he's shot in India, the Western stars he cast—and entertained—from James Mason to Jeanne Moreau to Vivien Leigh to Greta Scacchi, and the vast obstacles that his home country often presented—along with the movie magic that was the frequent result of his efforts.

With seventy-five photographs and a fabulous narrative, My Passage from India is a vivid memoir and colorful account of the lasting impact India has had on the thing Ismail Merchant does best: filmmaking.

Source: Penguin Putnam Inc.


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